Best of The Black Sea

"Majestic mountains, lush forests and tea growing hills"

The Black Sea region of Turkey which is very different. If you have already visited other regions of Turkey, then a tour to the Black Sea region will complete your Turkey experience. The Black Sea coastline is a kaleidoscope of scenery with charming towns and villages, deep valleys and fast running rivers, old monasteries perched on mountainsides and castles on mountain tops.

With its rich culture and friendly people, the Black Sea Region is a real gem. It is adorned with majestic mountains, lush forests and tea growing hills. What’s more, you will be one of few Westerners in the area as it is still off the beaten track and the locals are proud to literally “welcome you to their country” and to their home.

Sites visited on this tour include the World Heritage listed Safranbolu where you see the best-preserved examples of unique Ottoman architecture, the charming riverside town of Amasya with its dramatic setting; lush and rugged Black Sea coast line and the ancient Armenian city of Ani near Kars.

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