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Janet NSW September 2013

"Dear Hamit,

I apologise for not getting in touch with you sooner to say thank you for what was a really great and memorable tour of Turkey. It really was a wonderful trip and a great holiday- so many memories of amazing sights. 

You and Damla (tour guide) introduced us to a special country from so many different angles. Coming back and thinking of the long history of human habitation and the archaeological record of this, the landforms and special landscapes and how the many communities responded to this and had to change over time, as well as the recent history of Turkey, its place in modern history, and its good fortune of having a leader such as Ataturk to modernise the society, makes me realise what a truly special place it is.

You have put together a fascinating tour covering so much in a relatively short time. I could easily have had another week. The hotels, meals, places we visited reflected your careful planning. We were lucky to be part of such a pleasant, easy going and adaptable group of friendly people also. Thank you for your help with small things and your attention to all our needs. 

Thank you very much."