Travel to Turkey on a journey of discovery

September 12, 2014

Grand Sultan tour of Turkey is our most popular tour. 

It is not just a tour but a journey of discovery designed for first time visitors to Turkey who wish to not only see the usual highlights but also go off the beaten track to see the real Turkey.

The tour covers:

  • fascinating and colourful Istanbul
  • the beautiful and moving battlefields of Gallipoli
  • legendary historical sites such as Troy and Ephesus
  • traditional villages and enchanting bays along the Turquoise Coast
  • the surreal landscapes and underground cities of Cappadocia
In addition, you can also choose to experience the Black Sea region, adorned with majestic mountains, lush foresets and experience something more off the beaten track. Be one of the few westerners to experience this region of Turkey and be welcomed by the locals to 'their country'.
Travelling into the east, you can experience archeological marvels of the east from ancient times. See the recently discovered Goktepe, beehive houses of Harran or Old Testament towns locked in time.
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